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7475 E Arapahoe Rd #4 Centennial, CO 80112  |  303-221-2324  or  720-737-0342

Snack Sampler

Comes with ten assorted snack bags, one marshmallow ball and one M&M bar


Personal Sampler

Comes with five small bags of Sea Salt & Pepper, Rainbow Fruit, Creamy Caramel, Mile Hi Mix and Cheddar, along with a bag of Caramel Tuxedo.


Shareable Sampler

8 Small Bags of...Sea Salt & Pepper, Rainbow Fruit, Cheddar, Ranch, Creamy Caramel, Cinnamon, Spicy Nachos, and Mile Hi Mix, along with a popcorn ball and popcorn bar


Pantry Filler

Comes with four large bags of Caramel Apple, Maple Butter, Centennial Mix, and White Cheddar, four small bags of Creamy Caramel, Spicy Nacho, Rainbow Fruit, and Cheddar, two popcorn balls and one popcorn bar.


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