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Buffalo Ranch


Buffalo Ranch

PriceFrom $2.00
  • Spicy Wings:

    popcorn, salt, corn or canola or
    coconut oil, palm oil, hydrogenated coconut oil, cheddar
    and blue cheese, buffalo spice (maltodextrin, sugar, salt,
    chili powder, peppers, spices, salt, garlic powder), natural
    flavors, monosodium glutamate, citric acid. FD&C Red
    #40 lake, paprika extract, FD&C Yellow #6 lake, caramel,
    wheat, hot sauce (cayenne pepper, vinegar, garlic),
    buttermilk. Contains: Milk, Soy


    Popcorn, salt, corn oil, palm oil, maltodextrin, coconut oil, popcorn, whey, salt, buttermilk powder, sugar, onion powder, dried cream extract, parsley, silicon dioxide, lactic acid, canola oil, extract of turmeric (color E100) and natural flavor CONTAINS: Milk

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